Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 12. Tony

Color for all you haters

Harness... $65
Following Tyler through poison ivy and having it cover about 25% of my body... $30
Climbing to a new level, while getting me completely out of my comfort level...$0
Not remembering to bring memory cards... $0
Realizing that we are almost out of photos on the only memory card...0
Having Tyler use the last images to take a super sweat pano, while I get stuck editing an image of him...$0
An unforgettable day and breathtaking view atop the cliffs at the Water Gap...$125

Tyler dropping his unbreakable nalgene bottle off a couple hundred foot cliff as we screamed "WATERBOTTLE!" only to find it far below unbroken... Priceless


  1. dude! the color shot was soooooo awesome! yellow rope, green leaves, blue shirt, and a blue sky!
    but the caption is pretty awesome so I'll let it go

  2. I wasnt hating....but the color one is pretty tight

  3. p.s. i still can't believe i dropped my bottle off the cliff..i also can't believe i had enough self restraint not to dive for it as it rolled off

  4. Poison ivy still sticking around even after it was battled with everything even steroids. I will not climb through poison ivy. I will not climb through poison ivy.I will not climb through poison ivy.I will not climb through poison ivy.