Sunday, September 20, 2009

Almost forgot...

Paul was actually the only person close to being on time for our last assignment, "Ode to Coffee." However I never posted his photo (sorry Paul), so here it is, and hopefully we'll keep getting more from him.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Bens Coffee


Week Off!

Ok so we all dropped the ball this week. So let's just forget this week ever happened and say that this next Tuesday will be when the "Ode to Coffee" photo.

In the mean time have a good weekend and see you all next week.


To many things on our plate, sorry everyone. This week off flew by so stand by and we shall be back on track shortly.


In the meantime, cheers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 12. Tony

Color for all you haters

Harness... $65
Following Tyler through poison ivy and having it cover about 25% of my body... $30
Climbing to a new level, while getting me completely out of my comfort level...$0
Not remembering to bring memory cards... $0
Realizing that we are almost out of photos on the only memory card...0
Having Tyler use the last images to take a super sweat pano, while I get stuck editing an image of him...$0
An unforgettable day and breathtaking view atop the cliffs at the Water Gap...$125

Tyler dropping his unbreakable nalgene bottle off a couple hundred foot cliff as we screamed "WATERBOTTLE!" only to find it far below unbroken... Priceless

Week 12. Ben

Over the Labor Day weekend, I shot MJ again.

Week 12 - Tyler

Eat it Tony!
HAH! Just kidding, but to get you all up to speed: Tony, Garret and I went climbing this weekend, one day at Ralph Stover State Park and one day at the Delaware Water Gap. Well Tony forgot his compact flash cards and so we brought only one camera to the top, and with only 4 frames remaining the perfect clouds rolled in at the right time for light in this amazing landscape and I said "Sorry Tony the last 4 frames are going to be a pano." Anyone who knows Tony know that he lives for sweet panos. So needless to say Tony is still upset just thinking about it.

Week 12 - Chris

I have a hard time choosing one image sometimes when I go out shooting. Knowing this week that I had to tell what I did all weekend with this ONE photo I knew there was no way I could just choose one. Being labor day weekend and that I had off from work for four days I knew that I would do a lot of skateboarding this weekend....and I did. There are so many more from the shoot but i brought it down to two, and took the diptych way out. If you want to see more head on over to my photoblog
ohh yea and thats Bryson Monath shred-threading the needle at 1700 Market street (left), and Just a shot after he bashed his knee trying the ollie (right).

Week 12 - Paul


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 11. Tony

My photo went through a time portal. Im still trying to find it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 11 -Tyler

This is what time has been like for me lately: flying by so fast; it looks like one big blur, but its really a whole lot of little things; and yet there is still at least one constant, just trying to figure out if it's an anchor or a rudder. Deep.