Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 2

Ok so I got slightly more lucky with encountering storms this week, sorry Tyler. On the way home from work we were getting ready to be slamed with multiple T-storms so what did I do, set up my metal tripod and stand out in a park under a metal flagpole. I was pretty stoked with the outcome, but on Saturday, my dad and I went to Highpoint SF and just as we got to the top, blam, incoming storm. So I shot a 180 pano which is not just a landscape I might add Tyler haha. However, I ruined it this morning getting ready to post it sooo.... Ill have to re-do it and post it at a later date so you'll have something to look forward to if our stuff isan't enough for you. Anyway heres the unlawful flag getting blasted by the storm.

Live Free or Die

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